Monday, June 16, 2008

A life yet to lead

A life yet to lead
A journey yet to start
A wound yet to bleed
A plan yet to chart

A sorrow yet to grieve
A glory yet to shine
A flow yet to reeve
A dinner yet to dine

A charity yet to begin
A destination yet to reach
A song yet to sing
A gospel yet to preach

A dream yet to live
A conclusion yet to arrive
A gift yet to give
A sentiment yet to drive

A love yet to find
A priority yet to number
A business yet to mind
A walk yet to remember

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Dream Yet To See

A very thin line demarcate reality, where I am physically present, with the (day) dream land, where my mind glides away virtually every moment. Reality has given me reasons to escape into the realms of (day) dream land where I can flout all laws and push all ethical boundaries to the extreme. I am the GOD (Generator, Operator and Destructor) there.

The characters of "my" land are not fictitious. They are, more often, borrowed from real life. What is not borrowed from reality is their fate. Let my whims and fancies decide.

Logic will fail to understand the pleasure I derive in "my" land. The adrenaline rush felt in the nerve and sinews when one sees oneself at the helm of power is what drives the logic "real" world. Because it is tangible. But it has its own limitations. Afterall it is the "real" world and infinity is not a real concept. What gives immense expanse to "my" land is this power of infinity.

But raw power, irrespective of source of generation, mind or atomic reaction, can be cataclysmic. On that verge bounds become boundless, entire universe gravitates into a black hole. The end or a new beginning is prophesied. Into that (day) dream let my soul awake.

That ultimate dream I am yet to see...