Monday, August 11, 2008

What binds: adversity or prosperity?

Can I dare to say, "Pain is public and pleasure is personal!!!". We are tempted to share our adversity but we seldom do share our prosperity.

When Mumbai was flooded all hands came together to give (and take) support to (and from) each other. All bounds fell apart. All divides perished. Everyone was "one". For the first time the color of blood was "one". It was, probably, an ideal condition, a true unity in diversity. For the first time humans behaved humanly!!! What a paradoxical situation: joy in adversity!!!

Time passed, tears dried and life returned to normalcy in Mumbai. Then one fine day something happened. Once again the hands came together. This time not to wipe tears but be the reason for their tears. What happened to the new found unity. Lost... again. The color of blood... dissolved. Humans became beast. What a paradox: pain in prosperity!!!

How can "adversity" be general and "prosperity" be personal?