Saturday, July 12, 2008

Study is the easiest thing to do...

When I was young my father used to say,"Study is the easiest thing to do. Earning livlihood without being educated is very tough. Therefore, learn first and then earn from it." I did listen to him but not completely; may be to the extent that I was able to "get" a decent job in a decent multi-national company, the ultimate parameter to quantify that their investment has finally paided off. I am sure my parents are satisfied with my petty "achievement". But one question keeps on popping up in my mind, "Is studying, in reality, the easiest thing to do today?"

Tough competition, increasing peer pressure, increasing parental pressure, limited scope. Where are we heading? What are we aiming at? What is the goal of our life?

Every morning we ask our children to see the sky and aim for the rising sun. That innocent and ignorant child is baffled and confused by the vastness of the sky. He is scared. He is desparately longing for a hand which can help him build his own castle, create his own "rising sun". He does get a hand but it point to the morning rising sun. You have to become like that. And what about the child's dream? Before he could start dreaming the very idea of "dreaming" is killed.

Sometimes I cannot help thinking that uneducated people are wiser than the educated ones. Atleast they are not part of a rat race which "so called" educated people are. Every "educated" people wants be in the race even if it means losing everything else (our values, our principles, our morality, our etiqettes and above all our sensitivity). Hmmmmm... We educated illiterates!!!

The more educated we are, the more emphasis we give to things which tickles and titillates our five senses. Our wisedom which would otherwise become multidimensional, unfortunately "evolves" to become biased and unidimensional.

By the time we realise that "the morning sun" has started burning us, it may be too late. The question remains unanswered, "Is studying, in reality, the easiest thing to do today?"