Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning the hard way

What type of product we expect to come out of our schools and colleges were teachers see teaching just a job!
Here I am expected to learn a subject, prepare power point presentation and teach the class. Worst part is that library do not contain proper reference books. The teacher has given up saying that even he is new to the subject and "wants" to learn along with us without giving any input from his side. The onus of the subject lies on three of us. God only knows how we are going to learn this subject!
The motivating factor: Expect not and thou shall not be disappointed.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Do It

Yesterday I wrote Right Time. I was not sure of myself then (and so am I today).
But today I came across four guiding principles of life: Courage, Confidence, Will and Faith.
Courage to take the untrodden path, 
Confidence that I can trod on the path,
Will to move ahead fighting all odds and 
Faith in the Almighty as the guiding force.
 I have nothing new to say. The slogan of Nike reverberates in my ears  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Right Time

Everything has a right time. Many of my friends have followed the right course. Completed their education, got a job. Now getting married to settle down. Some have even moved a step further; parent-in-waiting!
The inevitable question comes: where am I?
On a philosophical note sometime back I wrote
Where am I or
where I am not?
Where am the Universe
or just a dot?
Where am alone
or one in lot?
 But reality is no-philosophy. But I have no answer too. People take charge and guide the course of history of their life. I have not yet learnt the art. Most of my friends have accepted the reality and moved on. But I could not. It is not that I do not want to but somehow I could not.
Is it that I do not know what I want! It is more of an expression than a question.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Hiatus

I have been on a kind-of forced vacation from blogging; still I do not know whether I am really back :-)
Life has moved on. Now I am pursuing MTech from NIT Kurukshetra in Control Systems.
One thing that has rally wondered me and made me think:whatever I have wanted I have got in life. But by the time I have received it I have lost the interest in it. I do not know whether this happens with me or is common with others.
Does it mean Nature is very generous in giving but also strict: it wont give what we want when we want but when it is really needed.
My coming to Kurukshetra was not a conscious decision. I was preparing to get into IIT for MTech. I was striving hard but then something happened 2-3 months before the exam that I could not study. It was the time when suddenly I lost interest in the real world. Was being carried away in some remote world, I do not know where. In this suspended state of mind I gave the exam without thinking of the consequences. Results came out and my rank was very poor. I almost lost hope that I'll get admission this time in any of the IITs and it was true. Someone suggested me to apply in the NITs and I did. NIT Kurukshetra was not at all in my cards. Somehow I did not wanted to apply here... again I do not know why!
But the reality is that I got admission only here... and that too in the subject I wanted to pursue, Control System.
Was my destiny delayed by my seer inaction or not the adequate amount of action? The later seems to be true. I have to come out of the inactive state and respect whatever I have, build upon it.

Probably this is what even God wants from me!