Saturday, May 31, 2008

My 1st English Blog

Here right now I make a statement: growth is imperative. What makes it imperative? Our action. What is action then? Action is a repercussion of will. What powers the will? Our thoughts. Where does thought originate? In mind. Really? No, I guess, in heart... no in mind... Errrrrr... in heart... final. That's it... IN HEART!!!

On 31st May, 2008 a thought was born in the deep laboratory of my heart, then fired up, to set itself on the orbital trajectory revolving round and round in the mind, like a satellite. Probably, the 1st phase of journey was over when
Let My Heart Speak came into existence.

Let My Heart Speak is not "the" landing rather it is a belief (the will)... a belief of being in action.
Here follows the 1st post. Enjoy!!!

Writing in Hindi was not a conscious decision. But it happened... and happened spontaneously. Even I was surprised because when I was in school my English was better than Hindi (at least marks said so. I secured 90% in English and 78% in Hindi 10th ICSE board exams). One of the reasons (or probably the only reason) why I chose to write in Hindi later could be that by the time the very thought of writing originated in my mind I had lost the edge I had developed for English over Hindi. Thus, Hindi went on to become the "only" language I knew (I felt so then) and the "only" language to word my feelings.

Once it was established among my close friends that I can write "well" in Hindi, I wanted to take the next obvious step; to move ahead and let the world know that I have arrived. Hence, came
Mera Dil.

Here, I want to make one thing clear. It is not that I have been widely applauded for creating some "masterpiece" (or revolutionizing Hindi literature). But it is also quite evident that I have taken the much needed 1st step. Hopefully, someday I'll create "the masterpiece" also. The journey didn't stop here.

Then one day in a sudden spontaneous outburst (again) I wrote another article, this time in English. It was a tribute to completing 10 years of leaving my 1st school. I was shocked, I still "remember" English! Then onwards I started writing off and on (ya, in English) and (literally) forcing my friends to read what I wrote. But they were supportive and appreciative then, they are now and they will be. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING THERE.

The trajectory, which "my thought" has carved out, will continue to evolve as the journey progresses building upon the "age old" belief thus making the growth, in true sense, imperative.
On this note I end!!!

~My Lord! Be with me in my "growth" journey. Amen...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Dream Yet To See

A very thin line demarcate reality, where I am physically present, with the (day) dream land, where my mind glides away virtually every moment. Reality has given me reasons to escape into the realms of (day) dream land where I can flout all laws and push all ethical boundaries to the extreme. I am the GOD (Generator, Operator and Destructor) there.

The characters of "my" land are not fictitious. They are, more often, borrowed from real life. What is not borrowed from reality is their fate. Let my whims and fancies decide.

Logic will fail to understand the pleasure I derive in "my" land. The adrenaline rush felt in the nerve and sinews when one sees oneself at the helm of power is what drives the logic "real" world. Because it is tangible. But it has its own limitations. Afterall it is the "real" world and infinity is not a real concept. What gives immense expanse to "my" land is this power of infinity.

But raw power, irrespective of source of generation, mind or atomic reaction, can be cataclysmic. On that verge bounds become boundless, entire universe gravitates into a black hole. The end or a new beginning is prophesied. Into that (day) dream let my soul awake.

That ultimate dream I am yet to see...