Yes!!! This is me.
The name, though, inspired from on of the Hindi movie by the name has Sanskrit meaning "Desirer for truth" or "One who is passionate about truth".... Hmmm... Am I? A million "rupees" question!!!

I come from a small district, Deoghar, in northern part of Jharkhand... did my schooling till Higher Secondary in Jharkhand then moved out of the den into the open air for pursuing my engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

Honestly, I do not think I am passionate about anything! I do things in bits and pieces be it studies or blogging or working or chatting or reading or writing or eating.....Uhhh.. Tired.

But one thing has struck me, it seems, for once and ever; spirituality. My views about God and religion has, shall I say, evolved considerably in last 7-8 years. For me God no longer reside in a temple or for that matter in any place of worship. If only I could seek him anywhere, it is within our own self. Therefore, I have stopped going to any place of worship, at least not for seeking God!

Enough for now!!!