Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After a long time words seem to come out of the oblivion. Welcome!!!
Things have moved on since I blogged the last post [or posted the last blog, whichever sounds good :-)].

Words are nothing but an indefatigable outpour of emotions from deep churnings in some remote corner of the heart. The more they are used the more thirsty we feel. The more we silence them the more our Self opens up. Words have always betrayed me; when I need them the most I could not find the least. The more I spoke, the worst I felt. I was bewildered. It was in this state of internal mayhem when I came across a phrase; SILENCE IS THE LANGUAGE OF GOD. A simple but a strong statement. All these days I wondered what it meant.

It is only recently that I started experiencing the essence of this statement. Again, words fall short to explain the essence. It is an experience (to feel) in the core of our heart; an on going realization. It is like peeling off the upper layers of onion to find some more inner layer. I am enjoying the peeling off!!!