Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coaching vs School

Today has been like any other day- special. Special that I'd another day to life, to experience.

What did I do? In the morning I went to home-tutor a girl who is in 11th standard. She is a bright student dreaming of getting into IIT. She has joined a coaching institute. Added to it she has regular school classes to attend, assignments to do and lab journals to make. Hell lot of pressure.

Today, after her parents went out she asked me how she should prepare. She was advised by someone that at this point of time her main focus should be on her school and CBSE board exams. On getting good marks she can get admission in any good college in Delhi University. After that she can prepare for engineering entrance tests.

The other option, which she is currently following, is to continue her coaching classes and prepare simultaneously. Of course, it is very tough and tiring, requires great will-power to push yourself. But I feel, she can manage. She has the fire!  

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