Friday, June 29, 2012

My Dearest Dreams

My Dearest Dreams,
It is with great sorrow I have to inform you that back then and there (in some weird dimension of time and space) I lost my way into what was shown to me as reality but turned out to be illusion. Not stopping there, this illusion morphed into ever receding mirage! Even before I could realize I had already traveled some distance chasing it. I had already squandered away some of my time.

 I have lost all moral rights to seek you in my waking 'reality'. I do not expect you to wait for me. And why should you? I have no reason. I.... eh.... 

But I am so human, a shameless human! Don't you know that? In spite of all that I have done, or not done, to you I wish you to be there for me. Please do not ask me any reason. I am a shameless fool. Also, a hopeful fool.

If my words can reach out to you, 
I hope, so will my feelings laden in them. 
I hope I have not lost you for ever. 
I hope you are still near. 
I hope to see you.
I hope you could see me. 
I hope I am not too late. 
I hope I have not gone too far.  

Not anticipating but still hoping!

A Lost Dreamer

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